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5 Favorite Moments in Baseball History

5.)Kirk Gibson’s 1988 Game 1 walk off blast against Eck

I remember watching the game with my buddy who was a devout A’s fan. I looked over at him as Gibson hobbled up to the plate and said “Gibby’s gonna hit it out!” The look on the face of my buddy was priceless as Gibson issued the infamous fist pump around 1st base.

4.) Cal Ripken’s memorable jog around Camden Yards in game #2,131

Ripken exudes all that is right with the game of baseball. The image of him with his receding hairline and grayed temples jogging around the track and individually thanking every fan he could reach brings tears to my eyes to this day. The moment was his, but in his grace and humility, he allowed for all of us to partake in a part of baseball history.

3.) A face to face visit with Ken Griffey Jr.

Griffey was an 18 year old kid with the, sadly, now defunct, Bellingham Mariners. I was a 12 year old kid filled with the aspirations to be the next George Brett. The Baby M’s, as they were called, were hosting a free skills clinic to the kids in the community. I had the honor of being a part of the outfield group that was led by “The Kid” himself. After a brief tidbit of fly ball tracking discussion from Griffey and one of his teammates, kids in our group were subjected, one at a time, to a moonshot fungo blast. By the grace of God, I caught mine and hucked a humpback rainbow over the cutoff man, over the pitcher’s mound, over home plate and on two hops to the grandstands. Griffey looked over at me and said “Great arm kid, but you’ve gotta hit your cut!”

2.) Pitching a no-hitter in High School

I was never the best player on any of my childhood baseball teams. As a pitcher, I was just as likely to walk a hitter as I was to strike him out. However, one magic game against a team from Kelowna, B.C., I tossed a 6 inning 12 strikeout no-hit gem. Every pitch seemed to work for me, my two seamer had great movement, my cutter bit in on the hands of righties and my curveball looked Kershaw-esque as it buckled the knees of the lefties. I remember pinning the newspaper clip to the bulletin board in my bedroom. It’s gone now, but the memory remains.

1.) Edgarrrrrrrr!

Like any longtime Seattle Mariners fan, The 1995 was a magical experience. From erasing a 13 game deficit in mid-August, the 1 game playoff in the Kingdome against one of my boyhood idols Mark Langston, to the see-saw battle against the Yankees, the M’s provided night after night of late inning heroics and drama. There were several heroes on that team, Edgar, Griffey, Buhner, The Big Unit, Tino, Charlton, Blowers. Each night it seemed someone new would keep the M’s faint playoff hopes alive and with each win, it seemed that the mojo grew stronger. Game 5 of the ALDS was a back and forth affair with both teams placing their aces on the hill for the 11th inning. The unhittable Big Unit proved to be mortal as the Yankees touched him up for the go ahead run. My brother and I, watching the game from our living room still believed in the mojo. Black Jack McDowell the equally unhittable ace of the Yankees, marched up to the hill and the M’s hopes seemed to dim. A bunt single by little Joey Cora and a 20 hopper up the middle by Jr. brought the M’s fans into a frenzy as the league’s best clutch hitter Edgar Martinez stepped up to the dish. The voice of the M’s Dave Neihaus still sends chills up my spine as does the image of Edgar’s liner down the left field line and Griffey’s gravity defying dash from 1st to home with a headfirst dive into homeplate with the series clinching run. My brother and I jumped around and bear-hugged each other in jubliation. As bright as Jr’s ear to ear smile at the bottom of the dogpile, was the future of an M’s franchise that, before that August, was prepared to move to Tampa Bay.

Ok, there’s my 5. By no means, do yours have to be as long winded as me, but feel free to share with us a little bit about what makes each of your Fav-5 moments special to you!



  1. That Game 5 of the ALDS in 1995 was awesome. McDowell tried to beat Edgar Martinez inside on the pitch he hit. That was a big mistake, because Martinez had one of the fastest pairs of hands in the game. I don’t know if I would rank it #1, but I sure did enjoy watching the Yanks blow that series that year.

  2. Hi John

    Thanks for your input! True, the M’s winning the 1995 ALDS against the Yankees probably doesn’t even rank in the top 100 moments in baseball history, but for my brother and me, it was the most magical thing I ever witnessed on the baseball diamond.

    Many people forget the fact that the M’s were on the brink of being shipped to Tampa Bay during the ’95 season. Coming back from 13 games down, beating the then California Angels in a one game playoff and then the riveting series against the Yankees, reinvigorated a town that was largely apathetic towards baseball.

    Now, on the heels of losing my Sonics, I understand further how I would have felt had the M’s left to Tampa Bay.

  3. I came across this list doing a random search for Mariners history. I too was an A’s fan on the wrong side of that Gibson homer, and it’s still hard to believe those A’s teams got just the one title in ’89. But Edgar’s double is a much happier memory. I have a website going that remembers the Mariners ’95 season, the shift from going to Florida to nearly reaching the World Series and asks the fans to put their own stories up to the site. I figure anyone else who ranks that double #1 might be curious to check out the site. (By the way, I’m one of those guys who grew up a ravenous baseball card collector in the late ’80s, but then fell away from the habit completely in the early ’90s.)

  4. ’95 is such a far cry from today’s current atrocity which is the Seattle Mariners organization. I will definitly check out your site and reminisce about the days of old when teal was the “in” color.

    Thanks for the comment!

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