Posted by: portersprospectreport | May 30, 2008

A Blog is Born!

Well, after much procrastination, I have decided to become a productive member of the online community and create my own baseball card prospecting blog. Please allow me the indulgence of telling you a little about myself.

My name is Jeremy Porter and I have been a baseball geek from the first time my grandfather took me to a Seattle Mariners game in the cement-rich catacombs of the Kingdome back in 1984. In spite of their continuous legacy of futility, those Mariner teams sparked within me a torrid passion for all things revolving around a wooden bat and a white cowhide ball stitched together with red laces. Watching baseball led to playing baseball, which soon led to discovering the magic that laid within the friendly confines of a 35 cent wax paper-wrapped package.

As the baseball card industry has evolved, so has my passion for it. Initially, my focus revolved around accruing sets, collecting favorite players, examining stats and, on occasion, getting autographs. Dr. James Beckett changed all of that. Upon reading my first annual issue of the Beckett Price Guide, I was astonished to discover that the young phenom they called Dr. K and that bowling ball-shaped centerfielder for the Minnesota Twins were worth exponentially more than my litany of Mark Langston, Alvin Davis, Spike Owen and Jim Presley cards.

I can continue on recounting each detail of my 25 year evolution as a baseball card collector and prospector: Beckett Monthly, trading clubs, baseball card shops in the late 80’s and early 1990’s, the advent of Ebay and PayPal, so on and so forth. However, I am quite certain that if you are still reading this blog, and I do hope you are, you likely have traveled similar roads in your collecting career and are more intent on joining me on one of the industry’s well worn paths–baseball card prospecting.

There are several other blogs and message board communities devoted to similar ventures. I frequent several of them and enjoy the content that is provided by both the overseers and contributors. My intent for this blog is to establish a similar, ever-growing community that offers unique discussions, insights, and information that will enhance all of our experiences as prospectors and collectors alike.

Please use this discussion thread as an opportunity to introduce yourself and share your background, (experience, theories, successes and failures, etc..) as a baseball card prospector and collector!


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