Posted by: portersprospectreport | June 3, 2008

Minor League Prospecting By the Level

I would have to say that my favorite level to prospect players at is AA with High-A being a semi-distant second. AA, in my opinion, is where the best prospects are found and their performances at that level often dictate their collective success at the MLB level.

Some would argue that AAA boasts the best minor league talent, yet I feel that AAA is infested with several AAAA-type players who have already bumped up against their skill ceilings and are too old to be considered top-flight talents. Several of the AA stars often spend very little, if any, time at the AAA level as they are often sequestered by their MLB teams (especially the less talented ones) for first hand experience at the ML levels. If a prospect struggles, he is often sent back to the AA level to iron out the kinks.

A-ball is fun as it does feature many of the bonus babies from the previous draft. However, it is a tricky talent pool to wade through as, often, more refined college players put up huge numbers against younger non-razor using talent. On the flip side, some young talented, but raw, athletes struggle mightily against players with more refined skills but lower upsides.

By AA, most players have had a couple years to refine their talents, giving a good indicator of what their capabilities are and where they fit on their organizational depth chart.

What are your thoughts and what do you look for in prospects at each level?


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