Posted by: portersprospectreport | June 7, 2008

Minor League Report 6/5

Here are the notable performances from yeterday’s games.


Nick Hundley 2-4 R 3 RBI BB—Padres catching prospect with 9 HR 25 RBI (.341 5 HR 15 RBI last 10 games)
Jamie D’Antona 2-5 2 Errors (11)—.397 BA 7 HR 35 RBI (May get that shot in Arizona soon)
Xavier Paul 2-4 2R 2 RBI—(.289 5 HR 33 RBI 10 SB)
Matt Brown 3-4 HR(14) RBI—(.351 14 HR 37 RBI 1.081 OPS)
Colby Rasmus 1-4 2R HR(9) RBI SB(8)—Playing like a top prospect after a slow start
Nate Schierholtz 1-4 HR(9) 2R RBI—.371 BA 4 HR 13 RBI in last 10 games)
Adam Lind 3-4 2 2B 2R 3 RBI BB (.368 13 RBI last 10, will be back in Toronto before long)
Francisco Liriano 6 IP 4H 3ER 4BB 7K (W)—Decent start to build on for the lefty, needs another couple of starts before recall)
Andrew McCutchen 2-4 HR(9) RBI—1st HR in last 10 games,
J.A. Happ 7.2IP 5H 2ER 10K (W)—Remember me? 6-6 250lb southpaw 81K/77IP
Mike Hessman 2-4 HR(22) 4 RBI 3K—30 yrs. old and 76K’s already but the power is the best in the Minors
Reid Brignac 2-3 2B R 2 RBI—Jason Bartlett has not done enough to keep him down for long
Jeff Niemann 6IP 5H 10K (ND)—Big performance for big up and down prospect
Jed Lowrie 1-2 2B RBI R BB—.417 7 RBI last 10 games




Colby Rasmus is on the cusp of a prolonged hot streak. For the first two months of the season, Rasmus struggled mightily hitting about .215. As a result collectors’ interest has cooled somewhat on his cards. His 2005 Bowman Chrome Draft and Bowman Sterling still command a hefty premium, commanding $80 and $45 respectively. However, ’05 Topps and Chrome Update RC’s can be acquired for $1.50-$2.00 for the regular and $4-5 for the chrome versions. My take is that all of his stuff is going to increase in value, especially when St. Louis promotes him to take over in CF. We are all familiar with what Jay Bruce’s RC’s have done since his spectacular debut with the Reds. While Rasmus ranks a little below him in power potential and batting average, he is still an elite talent who is close to making his ML debut.


Jamie D’Antona has seemingly been around forever, and at 26 years old, is not an elite prospect. D’Antona, however, has hovered around .400 all season in the hitter-friendly PCL. Mark Reynolds is the current 3rd baseman of the D’Backs and, despite his propensity to be streaky and strikeout prone, D’Antona bears little chance to supplant him or Conor Jackson on the other side of the diamond. My gut tells me that D’Antona’s best shot will come from being traded to an AL team where he can be a DH or platoon at either infield corner. I would not be surprised, given Arizona’s willingness to trade minor league talent, to see D’Antona packaged up in a deal near the July 31st deadline or in the offseason. D’Antona’s cards are a good value in the 2003 Bowman Chrome Draft set, selling for less than $1.00 each. Perhaps an even better purchase is the 2003 Prospect Premeires XRC Auto of D’Antona which, while hard to find, can be purchased for $8-10 each. Let’s see what happens with him; his bat is too good to stay at AAA!

6/5 AA posts coming soon….


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