Posted by: portersprospectreport | June 24, 2008

6/23 AA Minor League Report

Although the Southern League had the night off, there still were some fine performances turned in by several solid prospects in the other two leagues.  Here’s my list.

Mike Carp

  • 1-4 HR(10) RBI—Cooling off over last 10 games (.206 BA 1 HR)


J.P. Arencibia

  • 2-5 2B—.292 1 HR 6 RBI over 6 games at AA


Nolan Reimold

  • 2-5 2B R 2 RBI—.277 9 HR 33 RBI 36BB/39K


Trevor Crowe

  • 4-6 2B R 2RBI—Sizzling .455 BA 2 HR 10 RBI 15 Runs 20 Hits last 10 games


Wes Hodges

  • 2-5 2B 2 RBI R—.319 9 HR 58 RBI


Chris Tillman

  • 3.1 IP 7 H 4 ER BB 2K (ND)—1st poor outing in last 9 starts


Luke Montz

  • 2-3 HR(14) 2B 3 RBI 2BB—.296 58 RBI .955 OPS (25 yrs old needs promotion soon)


Michael Daniel

  • 1-4 2 RBI 2R BB—3 HR 11 RBI last 10 games


Drew Sutton

  • 2-5 HR (8) 4 RBI 2B—.304 33 RBI 11 SB


Elvis Andrus

  • 3-5 2 RBI 2R BB—.277 1 HR 29 RBI 24 SB (just 19 yrs. old @ AA)


Steve Murphy

  • 2-4 2R 2B 2BB—.290 11 HR 54 RBI 9 SB


Thomas Diamond

  • 6IP 4H 2ER BB 4K—2-1 5.51 ERA 31K/33IP (but 23 BB)


Kila Kaaihue

  • 3-3 HR(17) 2RBI SB(3) 2R BB—.357 3 HR 6 RBI 12BB/2K last 10 games


Daniel Cortes

  • 4IP 3H ER 3BB 5K—2-3 3.48 ERA 58K/54IP


BUY/SELL Analysis











Kila Kaaihue began the season off of Baseball America’s top 30 prospect list for the Kansas City Royals.  While Kila’s 2007 season was not spectacular (.248 21 HR 82 RBI), his control of the strike zone (76BB/78K) was very solid.  This season Kaaihue has shown continued improvement hitting .284 with 17 HR and 48 RBI.  Even more impressive is Kaaihue’s 50BB/29K ratio.  The Royals have struggled to find a steady 1B in the post-Mike Sweeney era.  Kaaihue is a robust 6-4 233 lb. and bats left-handed.  At 24 yrs. old,  Kila has progressed slowly but steadily through the Royals system and should make his debut late this season or early next season.  Kaaihue has cards in the 2005 Bowman Chrome and Bowman’s Best sets.  There hasn’t been much action on his base cards, but his Blue Refractors have sold recently for about $10 each. 

Market Advice: Kaaihue is a low-mid level prospect who is playing for an improving organization.  I would BUY his serial #’ed chromes for 20-30% of Beckett value and sell at any price above that.  Long-term, the Royals will have better prospects filling the 1B and DH positions, but Kaaihue should get a brief window of time where collectors may notice him enough to learn to pronounce his name.











Daniel Cortes is the top pitching prospect in the Royals farm system and he is rapidly making his way to the major leagues.  Armed with a wicked 93-96 MPH fastball and sharp 12 to 6 curveball, Cortes is a 6-5 225lb horse who will soon join Zack Grienke and Luke Hochevar at the top of a very young and talented Kansas City Royal rotation.  Cortes may be the best of the bunch and he is making a strong case to get a look this September, with a 3.48 ERA and 58 K’s in 54.1 IP.  Cortes has cards in the 2008 Bowman Chrome Prospects set and it seems reasonable to expect that he will have autographed issues in upcoming ’08 sets (perhaps Sterling and Bowman Chrome).  As of now, his chromes sell for about 50-75 cents each and are available in bulk.  Even more alluring are his refractors (#’ed to 599) which sell for $4-6 each.  The fact that Cortes plays for the Royals system and has a pedestrian 2-3 record makes him an under the radar prospect that prospectors love.

Market Advice: Cortes will debut in September or next season and he will open eyes.  BUY BUY BUY any of his cards and keep your eyes peeled for autos in future 2008 products.  Cortes’ ceiling is as high as any pitching prospect in the minors right now and I think the Royals are going to be a solid ball club next season.



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