Posted by: portersprospectreport | July 2, 2008

Upcoming Post—2004 Bowman Chrome DP


Last night was baseball night in the Porter household, and the backyard game was intense.  Consequently, I did not get to finish the Minor League Reports from 6/30.  I will be back this evening, however, to write an analysis about the 2004 Bowman Chrome Draft set. 

The ’04 set has received short shrift by collectors as it is not inundated with autographs like the Elite Extra, SP Prospects, and even Fleer Hot Prospects sets from that year have.  The fact that 2003 and 2005 boasted incredible top prospect checklists also has tarnished the 2004 set.

Regardless, I think that there are still some gems yet to be unearthed and my next post will address some of those beauties!  Please also feel free to drop me a line in my email, or leave on in the comments section for topical areas that you would liked to be discussed on this site.  I am dedicated to making this a diverse and highly interactive blogsite.

Stay tuned!



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