Posted by: portersprospectreport | July 7, 2008

Breaking News: Justin Masterson sent to AAA to become a reliever

In a report first issued by the Providence Journal (link below)

Justin Masterson has been sent to AAA Pawtucket to become a set-up man for uber-closer Jon Papelbon.  Masterson has pitched well for Boston going 4-3 with a 3.67 ERA.  Masterson has struggled with his control somewhat, but an increase in his velocity and the need for a Red Sox set-up man has made Masterson an ideal candidate for this position.  Clay Buchholz will return to the rotation Friday and Jeff Bailey has been called up to take Masterson’s spot on the roster.

How will this affect the market for their products? 

  • Masterson: His ’06 Bowman Chrome DP cards have already drooped in price from $5-6 each to $2.50-3.25 each.  His regular issued Bowman Draft picks cards are selling for less than $1 a pop.  I think they will continue to droop as he toils in Pawtucket.  Grab some if you can, as the Red Sox have stated that this move is not permanent and his future is as a starter.


  • Buchholz: His cards have already doubled in price since my last analysis on him a month ago.  Currently, his ’05 Bowman Chrome DP RC’s are selling for about $8.50 to 10.50 each and the ’05 Bowman Sterlings are selling at $12-15 each.  If you have Buchholz RC’s hold them and watch his next few starts.  If he comes back and pitches like he did at AAA this year, his cards will jump into the $15-20 range again.  Let’s be honest, lately every move the Red Sox have made has turned to golden.  Promoting Buchholz and redesignating Masterson will make the Red Sox a better team and worthy of chasing down the Rays after the All-Star break.


  • Bailey: This guy is waaaaaay to old to be considered a real prospect, but Bailey has been given another opportunity to provide some short-term impact as an off-the-bench bat for Boston.  Bailey has clubbed 23 HR at Pawtucket this season and has first year cards available in the 2000 Topps Chrome Traded set.  His cards can be found for less than 50 cents each and his auto from that set has a Beckett value of $5.  They are difficult to find on Ebay, but if you find an auto, it is a low risk, short term purchase that could reap some solid benefits if Bailey produces during his Fenway stint.

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