Posted by: portersprospectreport | July 8, 2008

7/6 AA Minor League Report

There was a slew of activity from notable AA prospects on Sunday.  Here’s a rundown…

Jason Donald

  • 4-6 2B 2R—Heating up .306 11 HR 43 RBI 9 SB


Scott Campbell

  • 2-4 2R HR(5) 3 RBI BB—.338 32 RBI for the Aussie 2B Royals prospect


Nolan Reimold

  • 2-4 2B 2R RBI—Sizzling as of late hitting .425 6 HR 12 RBI last 10 games!


Matt Wieters

  • 2-3 3R HR(17) BB RBI—.353 2 HR 4 RBI in 10 games at Bowie


Wes Hodges

  • 3-6 HR(10) 2 3B 3R—Avg at .310 now with 69 RBI


Stephen Head

  • 3-6 2B 3B 2R RBI—.311 14 HR 53 RBI .926 OPS


Matt Whitney

  •  3-3 2R 2B 2 RBI 2 BB—.254 6 HR 43 RBI (Big let down after last season’s power #’s)


Fernando Martinez

  • 3-5 2B R RBI—F-Mart has been quiet this season hitting .293 4 HR 21 RBI against AA pitching


Leonard Davis

  • 2-5 R 2 SB(9)—.414 2 HR 4 RBI in 7 games at AA


Tyler Colvin

  • 4-5 2R 2B—Best game in a disappointing season thusfar (.239 7 HR 45 RBI .679 OPS)


David Price

  • 7 IP 4H ER BB 6K (W)—7-0 1.68 ERA 55K/54IP (Best pitching prospect in minors)


Aaron Poreda

  • 6.1 IP 3H ER 2BB 5K (ND)—Held impressive Hunstville lineup to only 3 hits!


Jamie Hoffman

  • 2-4 2 HR(6) 2 RBI 3R SB( 18 )—Is this the power surge I we have been waiting for?


Sean Henry

  • 4-5 3R 2 RBI 2B—.409 13 R 10 RBI 18 H last 10 games


Chris Valaika

  • 3-5 3 RBI 2B R—.364 10 R 16 H 8 RBI last 10 games


Craig Cooper

  • 3-5 2 2B HR(5) RBI 2R—.276 5 HR 38 RBI


Kyle Blanks

  • 1-1 HR(10) RBI—Pinch-hit HR raises his average to .326 with 57 RBI


Eric Young Jr.

  • 3-6 R SB(23)—.302 with .401 OBP (regaining his speed after hammy injury)


Dexter Fowler

  • 3-4 2 HR(9) 2R 2BB—.444 20 hits last 10 games!


Daniel Cortes

  • 5 IP 4H 2ER 4BB 4K (W)—Decent outing, but he needs sharper control (30BB/64IP)


Elvis Andrus

  • 2-4 R RBI 3 SB(30)—Avg up to .293 but power has yet to develop (1 HR .350 SLG)


Allen Craig

  • 2-5 2B R—.372 16 H 2 HR 10 RBI last 10 games


Aaron Cunningham

  • 2-3 3B R BB—.447 17 H 2 HR 9 RBI last 10 games


BUY/SELL Analysis

David Price put a scare into Rays fans and baseball card prospectors when he missed the first month and a half of the season with a strained muscle in his elbow.  Since his return, however, Price has been very right winning 7 of 9 starts while compiling a miniscule 1.68 ERA.  Price is the perfect frontline starter with a muscular 6-6 frame, a 95 MPH fastball with movement and an 85-87 MPH slider that is a strikeout pitch.  Price will make his major league debut this season for a Rays team that has all the tools to be a postseason contender.  Price’s 1st year cards are found in the 2007 Bowman Draft and Chrome set with autos in Bowman Sterling and Elite Extra.  Price’s chromes sell for about $5-6 each, while his Sterling autos sell for $50-55 a piece.  The Elite Extras, numbered to 500, sell for $55-60 with his non-autograph cards selling for $2-3.50 each. 

Market Analysis: Price is getting serious buzz right now as a potential call up.  While Price has Cy Young Award winning stuff, I don’t think he will dominate at the MLB level yet as he has in A and AA ball.  I would SELL his stuff once he is confirmed as a call up by the Rays.  If my prognostication is true and Price struggles for the Rays, look for his stuff to come down somewhat and be more reasonable to purchase.  If you can find a good bulk lot of Price’s non-chrome draft cards, purchase them for under $2 and hold them until Price addresses his immense potential.



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