Posted by: portersprospectreport | July 15, 2008

Post Derby Market Spike


Bronx bomber for a night

Bronx bomber for a night

Josh Hamilton’s performance in the first round of last night’s HR derby has produce seismic movement in the market for his 1999 RC’s.  Just one day prior to the derby, Hamilton’s best card, the 1999 Topps Traded Autograph XRC was routinely selling in the $175-200 range.  Currently, that same card is being snagged at BUY IT NOW prices of $325-350.  Similarly, his 1999 Bowman Series 2 RC’s and Topps Traded and Chromes are experiencing 50-75% price jumps.

Speculative oil traders even think this market fluctuation is drastic!  Normally, I would blurt to the heavens to SELL SELL SELL!  However, I recall a similar situation in 2003 when a young Florida Marlin took the collecting world by storm with an incredible post season performance.  I sold 2 of Miguel Cabrerra’s Topps Traded Autos for about $200 each, only to find that his cards would triple that value over the next two seasons. 

Hamilton had a night that will be etched in baseball lore long after the last day of Yankees Stadium.  I don’t know how much lighter or longer Josh’s star will shine, but I wouldn’t blame anyone for holding onto his cards and waiting to find out.

Question O’ the Day: Who’s the next superstar waiting to shine?


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