Posted by: portersprospectreport | July 18, 2008

Humbled by Hank


Conger Hits 'Em Longer

Conger Hits 'Em Longer

Thank you to Mr. Hank Conger for making me look dumb!  For those of you who are not sure what I am talking about (hey somtimes I’m not), here’s an exerpt from my 7/15 post.

  • Hank Conger was the 1st round pick of the Los Angeles Angels in 2006 and is tabbed to be the catcher of the future for the Halos.  With plus power from both sides of the plate, Conger adeptly uses the whole field with power.  Baseball America ranked Conger as the Halos’ 4th rated prospect in 2007 after he hit .290 with 11 HR 48 RBI and 9 SB at Low A Ceder Rapids.  2008 promised to be a major breakout year for Conger, however, recovery from wrist surgery and a minor tear in his right shoulder caused for him to miss the first two months of the season.  Since his return, Conger has hit .277 with 2 HR and 21 RBI missing games intermittantly.  Conger’s 1st year cards are found in the 2006 Bowman Draft and Chrome products as well as autos in the ‘06 Bowman Sterling set.  Currently, chromes sell for 50 cents to $1.00 each and his Sterling autos sell for $7.50 to 10.00 apiece.  Conger has a better chance at a longer MLB career at a different position.

     Market Advice: When healthy, Conger is one of baseball’s top catching prospects, but this guy is a walking M.A.S.H. unit.  If you have some of his cards, I would HOLD in hopes that he can stay healthy for a sustained amount of time to produce.  If he goes on a streak and the market notices, SELL his cards and invest in someone less risky.

Hank’s performance over the last couple of the days have been Aaron-esque in nature.  With 5 HR’s and 11 RBI in the last two games, Conger may force me to rethink my reluctance to buy his ’06 cards.  As I said before, Hank is very productive when healthy, but his affinity for the DL will continue to hamper his production.  All told, if he continues this torrid streak, more collectors will take notice.  If you can get some of his Sterling autos at the above mentioned prices, BUY conservatively and hope that he doesn’t end up back on the DL before the end of the season!


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