Posted by: portersprospectreport | July 22, 2008

7/20 AA Minor League Report

Ok gang, I am a little behind in the reports but here is a run down of Sunday’s top AA performances.


J.P. Arencibia

  • 2-3 2 HR(21) 3 RBI—.306 8 HR 21 RBI at New Hampshire (0BB/24K is a concern though)


Scott Campbell

  • 2-5 2 HR( 8 ) 3 RBI—.318 4 HR 11 RBI last 10 games


Pablo Sandoval

  • 2-5 HR(16) RBI—.352 16 HR 74 RBI over two levels


Ryan Roberson

  • 1-4 HR(16) 2 RBI—.382 3 HR 11 RBI 9 R last 10 games


Stephen Head

  • 1-3 HR( 8 ) RBI—.308 8 HR 35 RBI


Bill Rhinehart

  • 2-3 R 2BB—.389 2 HR 4 RBI 7 BB 8 R last 10 games


Jordan Zimmerman

  • 6.2 IP 6H 3ER BB 9K—7-3 3.03 ERA 101K/107IP over two levels


Jason Donald

  • 3-5 2 rBI BB—.348 4 HR 10 RBI 9 R 16 H last 10 games


Lou Marson

  • 2-5 2R 2B BB—.324 5 HR 46 RBI 61 BB


Nolan Reimold

  • 1-3 2B 2R 2 RBI BB SB(7)—.289 16 HR 54 RBI 42 BB


Chris Tillman

  • 4 IP 5H 3ER 4BB 3K—7-3 3.11 ERA 94K/93IP


Gerardo Parra

  • 1-3 2R RBI BB 3 SB(24)—.286 4 HR 36 RBI 24 SB over two levels


Cyle Hankerd

  • 2-4 HR(4) 3 Rbi—.235 38 RBI .595 OPS in disappointing season


Brooks Brown

  • 6 IP 5H 3BB 4K—6-10 3.54 ERA 86K/111 IP


Adam Moore

  • 3-4 2BB RBI—.314 10 HR 57 RBI


John Raynor

  • 1-4 2R BB 2 SB(34)—.342 3 HR 4 RBI 12 R 4 SB last 10 games


Aaron Cunningham

  • 2-3 HR(9) 3 RBI—.350 2 HR 9 RBI last 10 games


Vincent Mazzero

  • 6 IP 4H ER 5K (W)—10-3 2.08 ERA 94K/125IP


Allen Craig

  • 3-3 2R HR( 18 ) BB 2B—.350 3 HR 8 RBI last 10 games


Tyler Greene

  • 2-4 HR(16) RBI—.326 5 HR 8 RBI last 10 games


BUY/SELL Analysis


John Raynor was a 9th round selection out of UNC Wilmington in the 2006 draft.  While Raynor boasts some gap power and above average centerfield range, his calling card is S-P-E-E-D.  Last season at Low A Greensboro, Raynor stole 54 bases in 62 tries while hitting .333 with 13 HR 57 RBI and scoring 110 runs.  For that effort, Raynor was recognized as the Marlins’ 2007 Minor League Playor of the Year and seemed on the fast track to be the Marlins’ future centerfielder.  Enter Cameron Maybin, and now the Marlins find themselves shifting Raynor over to left field where his fringe average arm plays better.  The question that remains is can Raynor hit for enough power to warrant a prolonged starting position in left field.  This season, Raynor has belted 9 HR and 31 RBI while hitting .304.  His 6-2 195 lb. frame suggests that there may be some more strenght projectibility, but added bulk could very well diminish his most obvious tool.  Additionally, Raynor employs a quick inside-out swing to lash line drives all over the field.  Raynor’s debut cards can be found in the 2008 Bowman Chrome Prospects set.  Currently, it seems that Raynor is flying somewhat under the radar of most collectors as his cards can be had en masse for 50-75 cents each.  Refractors can be had in the $3-4 range and are serial #’ed to 599.

Market Advice: There’s no doubt that Raynor has the tools to be a successful major league, top of the order outfielder.  I would like to see him make the jump to AA soon, I think he’s earned it, to see if he can continue to have success against more advanced pitching.  At less than $1 per card, it seems that a bulk lot of 20 for $10-15 is a pretty low-risk BUY and HOLD purchase.  Additionally, keep your eyes peeled to see if Bowman Sterling offers an auto of his.  I would venture to guess that those would be trading in the $5-7 range if produced.


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