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7/21 High A Minor League Report

Lots of solid performances by great prospects! 

Jon Still

  • 2-5 HR(19) 2 RBI 2B—HR’s in 3 straight games (underrated Red Sox power hitter)


Carlos Triunfel

  • 3-5 HR(4) 4 RBI 2R 2B—Young super prospect starting to heat up (.333 HR 7 RBI last 10 games)


Matt Spencer

  • 2-4 2R 2B BB—6-12 since trade to the A’s


Chris Carter

  • 2-4 2B 2 RBI—.317 3 HR 14 RBI 8 R last 10 games


Adrian Cardenas

  • 2-6 2 R—Where will he play for the A’s?


Austin Gallagher

  • 3-3 2B 2 RBI—Blazing hot in last 10 games (.436 11 RBI 17 H)


Carlos Santana

  • 2-5 2R 2B RBI—Closing in on 100 RBI for the season (look for his ’08 Bowman Chrome card)


P.J. Phillips

  • 2-3 HR( 8 ) 3B 2R 2RBI—.359 2 HR 5 RBI 4 SB last 10 games


Ryan Mount

  • 1-5 HR(6) RBi—.267 6 HR 22 RBI 7 SB in 43 games (good hitting prospect when healthy)


Ian Gac

  • 1-4 HR(23) RBI–Hitting well since promotion to Bakersfield (.309 4 HR 18 RBI)


Marcus Lemon

  • 3-5 2B RBI R–.388 19 H 9 R last 10 games


Brandon Snyder

  • 1-4 HR( 8 ) 2 RBI—.292 8 HR 53 RBI 24 2B (young power hitter one to watch)


Gorkys Hernandez

  • 2-3 2B R—.287 4 HR 26 RBI 11 SB (running less since returning from injury)


Eric Campbell

  • 2-4 2 RBI—.351 2 HR 8 RBI 10 R 9 BB last 10 games (he’s back on my radar)


Jim Negrych

  • 2-4 R 2 RBI—.368 137 Hits 36 2B 5 HR 61 RBI—(polished college hitter, can he replicate @ AA?)


Brian Dopirak

  • 3-4 2 HR(23) 6 RBI 2B 2R—.410 7 HR 26 RBI 12 R last 10 games (Is he the 2nd coming of Chip Cannon?)


Brad Mills

  • 6.1 IP 3H 3BB 7K—4-0 1.15 ERA 34K/31IP in 4 starts since promotion


Logan Morrison

  • 1-4 HR(10) RBI—.286 3 HR 9 RBI last 10 games


Andrew Carpenter

  • 9 IP 4H ER 7K—Pitching better since demotion to Clearwater (2-3 2.55 ERA 27K/42IP)


Juan Francisco

  • 2-4 HR(13) 4 RBI 2B—.277 13 HR 64 RBI 12 BB/87K (young switch hitter with power, but still raw)


BUY/SELL Analysis

Is there such a thing as an underrated Red Sox prospect?

Is there such a thing as an underrated Red Sox prospect?

Jon Still was an All-ACC catcher out of N.C. State when the Boston Red Sox nabbed him with their 4th round pick in 2006.  Still broke out in a big way last season hitting .291 with 25 HR and 98 RBI and 90 runs scored at Greenville and Lancaster.  Additionally, Still walked 105 times en route to a .429 OBP.  This season Still has played the entire season at Lancaster hitting .282 with 19 HR and 65 RBI and 59 BB/65K’s.  Still has played C, 1B and DH for Lancaster this season and it remains unclear where he will play if and when he reaches the big leagues.  Still has superb power and advanced plate discipline, though he is prone to streakiness and has yet to prove that he can replicate his sterling numbers at higher levels.  Still’s sole first year cards can be found in the 2006 Bowman Draft and Chrome sets.  Currently, his Bowman Chrome Draft cards sell for 50-75 cents each with the refractors selling for $6-8 apiece.

Market Advice: There is a big logjam at 1B within the Red Sox organization with the likes of Lars Anderson, Anthony Rizzo and Aaron Bates ahead of Still on the depth chart.  Still’s ability to stay at catcher is questionable at best as he was drafted for his bat.  I seem to think that Still would be a nice fit with a rebuilding team like Seattle who will be looking for a 1B to replace Richie Sexson.  At less than a buck apiece, Still is a low-risk, mid-ceiling BUY.  Granted, if he is traded from the Red Sox, his exposure as a prospect will not be as high, but his opportunity to play will come sooner.


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