Posted by: portersprospectreport | August 6, 2008

8/4 AA Minor League Report

Top performances from Monday’s AA Minor League action was as follows:

Allen Craig

  • 2-6 HR(20) 3 RBI—.421 2 HR 8 RBI last 10 games (the more I see from him, the more I like)


Julio Borbon

  • 1-5 HR(3) RBI—Part of the speedy 3 amigos at Frisco (Borbon, Andrus, Duran)


Elvis Andrus

  • 2-5 2B—.325 2 HR 10 RBI 6 SB last 10 games (coming on strong!)


Gaby Sanchez

  • 2-4 2 HR(16) 3 RBI—.419 6 HR 21 RBI 10 R last 10 games (underrated)


Cameron Maybin

  • 2-3 R 2BB SB(18)—.268 12 HR 38 RBI 18 SB (is it unfair that we expect more out of him?)


Alcides Escobar

  • 2-3 HR( 8 ) 2 RBI SB(28)—.335 152 H 80 R 201 TB (Huntsville taking a dive as of late)


Tommy Hanson

  • 6 IP 4H 2ER BB 10K—5-1 2.88 ERA 63K/56IP last 10 games (3 10+ K outings)


Austin Jackson

  • 4-5 3R 2B RBI—.297 9 HR 61 RBI (finishing strong at AA Trenton)


Matt Wieters

  • 1-4 HR(22) RBI—.441 2 HR 11 RBI 9BB/5K 10 R last 10 games


Chris Tillman

  • 6 IP 4H 2ER BB 11K—7-3 3.63 ERA 114K/108IP (M’s smacking foreheads on this trade)


Ian Desmond

  • 4-4 HR(9) 3 RBI 2B BB—.258 9 HR 36 RBI 13 SB (Forgotton since incredible spring in ’05)


Marvin Lowrance

  • 3-5 2 2B 2R—.285 17 HR 51 RBI 27 2B (way under the radar pure hitter)


Zack Daeges

  • 2-4 2B RBI BB—.425 2 HR 16 RBI 9R 6BB last 10 games (regaining ’07 form)


Lars Anderson

  • 2-5 HR(14) RBI 2R—1st AA HR for Red Sox top hitting prospect (more to come!)


BUY/SELL Analysis

Lowrance isn't below my radar

Lowrance isn't below my radar

Tonight we delve way below the radar to unearth a prospect from the Washington Nationals farm system, Marvin Lowrance (not to be confused with Martin Lawrence).  Lowrance was a 2004 7th round pick out of a small JC in California.  For the past 4 season, Lowrance has toiled in the Nationals’ minor leagues but has really begun to ascend nicely the past couple of years jumping two levels last year and two, so far, this season.  A major part of this is the fact that Lowrance’s power has begun to develop, as he hit 20 HR and 62 RBI last year and has accumulated 17 HR and 51 RBI at High A and AA this season.  Lowrance is all hitter who has a polished and disciplined approach at the plate.  He is an average OF who will need to watch his conditioning in order to hold down a corner spot.  Lowrance will steal a base once every solar eclipse, which further exposes him as a one dimensional player.  That dimension, his bat, should carry him to the major leagues as a 4th outfielder or short term starter.  Lowrance’s 1st year cards are found in the 2007 Bowman and Chrome Prospects.  Fortunately for prospectors, his cards are available for 20-40 cents each in abundance.  Refractors can be found in the $2-3 range and are numbered to 500.

Market Advice: Lowrance is the perfect prospect to acquire if you have a 5 dollar bill around and don’t know how to spend it.  For that price, you can easily BUY a 10 card lot and a refractor of Lowrance and hope that he can make a little noise at the major league level.  Long term, I don’t see him having a super career, but I do think he has enough talent and youth on his side to hit for a major league club.  SELL at the right time and you can make a few bucks to spend on higher ceiling prospects!


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