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8/4 AAA Minor League Report

Well, I admit that I have gotten off track with my minor league reporting over the last few days.  To my faithful readers, I do apologize and will make every effort to continue to provide up to date info on what is going on in the minor leagues.  I have decided, as my schedule has gotten busier as of late, that I will do my best to adhere to a regular schedule from now until the end of the season.  It will be as follows:

Mon/Wed: High and Low A Reports

Tues/Thurs: AAA and AA Reports

Saturday: Short Season and Rookie League Reports

Intermixed with these will be various articles from time to time covering a variety of topics.  Please, as always, feel free to submit your ideas or requests as often as you like.  Again, my email is  This blog is a work in progress and, though I am pleased with the achievements over the first couple months, I realize it is continually in need of improvement and enhancement.

Now, on to the reports for Monday’s AAA performances…

Josh Anderson

  • 3-5 2 SB(34)—.383 18 H 7 SB 8 R last 10 games (should get a look in Sept.)


Wade Davis

  • 6 IP 5H 2BB 5K (W)—3-0 2.25 ERA 23K/24IP @ Durham (should get look by Rays before Price)


Neil Walker

  • 3-5 2B 3B 3 RBI—Plate discipline is the only thing keeping Walker from being special


Jason Pridie

  • 3-4 2R RBI BB SB(21)—.269 14 triples 12 HR 52 RBI 21 SB (toolsy but no room in Twintown)


Anthony Swarzak

  • 7 IP 8H 2 ER BB 5K (W)—Pitched well since promotion (2-0 2.25 ERA 7K/12IP)


Chris Dickerson

  • 3-5 2B 4 RBI—.283 11 HR 52 RBI 25 SB (older prospect at 26, but tons of athleticism)


Jon Niese

  • 6 IP 6H 2 ER 2BB 2K (W)—2-0 2.08 ERA 9K/13IP at AAA (still just 21 yrs old.)


Joe Koshansky

  • 2-4 2R BB—.281 22 HR 88 RBI 31 2B (great AAA hitter)


Franklyn Morales

  • 5.1 IP 5H 3 ER 2BB 5K—Bumpy year for Rockies’ #1 prospect (8-4 5.56 ERA 65K/61BB in 89 IP)


Sean Rodriguez

  • 2-4 2B R 2 RBI—.314 21 HR 52 RBI 1.072 OPS (Angels love this kid, he’ll get another shot)


Freddy Sandoval

  • 4-5 2B 2R 2RBI—.340 14 HR 74 RBI 144 H 36 2B (big year for underrated prospect)


Brandon Wood

  • 1-4 HR(26) 4 RBI—.288 26 HR 65 RBI 69 R (talent is still there and he’s figuring it out)


Wladimir Balentien

  • 1-3 HR(18) RBI—Just called up again by M’s (M’s need him to produce or re-sign Ibanez)


Matt Tuiasosopo

  • 2-5 HR(7) 4 RBI 2R—.295 14 R 2 HR 9 RBI 15K last 10 games (still just 22 yrs. old)


Jon Jay

  • 2-4 2B R—.333 HR 6 RBI 5 R in 7 AAA games at Memphis (polished mid-ceiling lefty OF)


Eric Patterson

  • 2-5 HR(10) RBI SB(17)—.310 HR 5 RBI last 10 games (2B of near future)


Cliff Pennington

  • 3-5 2R—Awakening from slump (.200 0 RBI last 10 games)


Matt Antonelli

  • 2-4 HR (4) RBI—Encouraging game in nightmare season (.198 4 HR 29 RBI but 66 BB?)


BUY/SELL Analysis

$17.50 on Ebay for this beauty!

$17.50 on Ebay for this beauty!

Matt Tuiasosopo elected to play baseball for his hometown Seattle Mariners instead of following in the footsteps of his father Manu and brother Marques as the next great Tuiasosopo football player.  At 6-2 215 lb., Matt (I don’t want to keep writing Tuiasosopo) has the perfect frame for a quarterback or MLB third baseman.  The road has been long for Tui, but following a strong showing in last year’s Arizona Fall League, he seems to have taken some integral steps forward in his development at AAA this season.  Matt has all of the tools to be an above average 3B with great range, soft hands and a very strong arm (he was a quarterback in HS.  Offensively, he has solid plate discipline and raw power.  The kicker is that he has yet to fully utilize that power as he hits a majority of his balls with an inside out swing that saps his power.  Tui’s first year cards came in the variety of 2004 products with autographs in 2004 SP Prospects (#’ed to 600), Donruss Elite Extra (#’ed to 473) and Bowman Sterling (with a slice of his game used bat).  Non-auto cards can be found in Bowman Draft and Chrome, Topps Traded and Chrome, and Bowman Heritage.  The non auto cards can be purchased regularly at $1.00-1.50 each while his autographs range from $7.50 for the Sterlings to $20.00 for the SP Prospects.


Market Advice:  Tuiasosopo’s development is far from being a sure thing.  The Mariners have a history of bungling players development by rushing them too quickly or putting them in situations where they struggle to be successful.  That being said, Tui’s athleticism and ceiling are much greater than the track record he has displayed so far.  The M’s are approaching the end of Adrian Beltre’s contract, and likely, his tenure in Seattle.  This will open things up for Matt who by that point could be the 20-25 HR threat that he was tabbed to be.  I would BUY an auto and HOLD it with interest to see if his power and polish continues to develop.  Again, Tui is not a sure bet prospect, but his ceiling is much higher than prospectors are currently giving him credit for.


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