Posted by: portersprospectreport | August 6, 2008

BUY/SELL Analysis for Cole Rohrbough


Cole is Rohr-ing back to dominance

Cole is Rohr-ing back to dominance

Cole Rohrbough was the highest rated of a trifecta of ultra young breakout pitchers in the Braves system that included Jeff Locke and Tommy Hanson.  Rohrbaugh, a southpaw, was lauded for his advanced command of his 94 MPH fastball and power curveball.  Everything seemed in place for him to continue his dominance at Low-A Rome followed by a successful stint a High-A Myrtle Beach.  Things have worked out differently this season, however, as Rohrbough has struggled with his command and has battled bicep tendonitis and an ankle injury this year.  Regardless, Rohrbough has dominated when he has been able to limit his walks.  The stuff is there for Rohrbough to be successful, it now seems to be an issue of adjusting mechanics in his delivery and refining his changeup.  Cole has cards in the 2007 Tristar set that have very little market interest due to his struggles. These autos are perfect for the collector on a tight budget as parallels numbered to just 50 can be had for $4-5 each.  In the upcoming 2008 Bowman Chrome set, Rohrbough has an auto that will be significantly more popular, but I don’t think that most collectors will be scared off by his struggles this season.

Market Advice: I normally do not endorse the Tristar or Just products as it just doesn’t seem to have quite the market popularity that the Topps, Donruss, and Upper Deck products carry.  However, how can you turn down an auto of a prospect of his calibur serial #’ed out of 50 for less than a Lincoln?  BUY a serial numbered one and sit tight as he ascends.  Also, look out for the upcoming Bowman Chrome autos.  I have a feeling they will sell regularly for $10-12 each which seems to also be a good BUY while he is down.  Long term, I think Rohrbough will work through his mechanical issues, but I do have some reservations about his ability to stay healthy for a prolonged period.


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