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8/7 High A Minor League Report

Lots of nice performances tonight from exciting prospects!

Michael Taylor

  • 3-4 2B 2R RBI BB—.366 15H 7R 6 2B last 10 games


Ryan Strieby

  • 3-5 2BB 2 2B R—.311 27 HR 89 RBI 222 TB


Jonathan LuCroy

  • 2-4 HR(17) RBI 2R BB—.311 17 HR 62 RBI 68R over 2 levels


Taylor Green

  • 2-4 HR(14) 3 RBI BB—Brew Crew happy to keep Green


Dillon Gee

  • 6 IP 5H 2ER BB 7K (W)—5-1 2.31 ERA 46K/66IP last 10 games


Todd Frazier

  • 2-3 HR( 18 ) 2 RBI 2R BB—.298 18 HR 66RBI 76R 12 SB


David Cooper

  • 2-5 2B 2 RBI-’08 1st rounder rocketing through minors (3rd level in 46 games)


Carlos Santana

  • 4-5 3R—.419 2 HR 6 RBI 14R in 10 games with Kinston


Beau Mills

  • 3-5 HR( 18 ) 4 RBI 2R 2B—.359 2 HR 9 RBI 8R last 10 games


Ty Wright

  • 2-5 HR( 8 ) 3 RBI—Power surge lately (4 HR 12 RBI last 6 games)


Jay Jackson

  • 4 IP 2H BB 9K (W)—Intriguing Cubs ’08 9th rounder (7BB/60K in 37 IP @ 3 levels)


Brandon Snyder

  • 2-4 2 2B—Young O’s 1B is quietly breaking out (.395 11 RBI 7R last 10 games)


Derrick Robinson

  • 2-4 3B R SB(54)—Oozes athleticism and starting to hit (.306 11BB/6K 5 SB last 10 games)


Chris Carter

  • 2-4 HR(31) 4 RBI—.293 4 HR 9 RBI 10 R last 10 games


Josh Donaldson

  • 1-4 HR(13) RBI—Complete metamorphasis since trade to Oakland (.409 7 HR  26 RBI in 24 games)


Corey Brown

  • 1-4 HR(22) RBI—.275 5 HR 10 RBI 16K last 10 games (141K’s in ’08 OUCH!)


Jordan Walden

  • 7 IP 2H 2BB 9K (W)—Nice rebound after two horrible outings at Rancho Cucamonga


BUY/SELL Analysis

Snagged for $5.53 on Ebay!

Snagged for $5.53 on Ebay!

Few players in all of professional baseball have the speed that Derrick Robinson possesses.  A 4th Round high school draft pick, Robinson passed on a football scholarship by his hometown Florida Gators to pursue his MLB career.  For as fast as Robinson is, he is almost equally unrefined at the plate.  Last season Robinson hit .243 at Low-A Burlington with 100 K’s and only 2 HR in 102 games.  On the surface, it would look as if Robinson has not improved much on his numbers (.250 0 HR 27 RBI 54 SB) but he has hit 20 2B, 6 3B and has a 40BB/85K ratio in 109 games at High-A Wilmington.  These numbers are cause for optimism that the switch-hitting, 20 year old Robinson is progressing at the plate.  Robinson’s only first year cards are found in the 2007 Donruss Elite Extra set with his autos numbered to 500  Currently these autos are being had for less than $5.00 each.

Market Advice: Prospect trash heaps are littered with several Derrick Robinson-type super speed, no-hit prospects like Nyjer Morgan, Joey Gathright, and Quentin McCracken.  Eternal optimist that I am, I believe that Robinson has more to offer than his predecessors.  True, his power needs to develop and he needs to continue to hone his plate discipline, but Robinson is young and athletic enough to become a 10-15 HR top of the order guy who will steal 40-50 bags for the Royals (who should be good in 2-3 years).  At $5 each, Robinson is a low-risk, high reward BUY that prospectors love.  Grab a few of his only ’07 cards and be willing to wait for 2-3 more years.



  1. Let’s wait until next year on Robinson. I think that will determine how his career flows.

  2. AA has a way of thinning the herd. I think, though, at his current prices and given his athleticism, Robinson is worth taking a gamble on, especially when you see what some of the other autos in that set go for :).

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