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$100 Well Spent #2—100th Post!


As Mario at Wax Heaven celebrates his 1,000th post, I revel in crossing the 100 post threshold.  What better way to celebrate the 100th post than to orchestrate my second installment of $100 Well Spent.

My first forray into this catagory didn’t fare as well as I wished, so I figure that I would get back on the horse and try again.  This $100 will be spent on players that should get further looks when the rosters are expanded on Sept 1.

(10) 2007 Bowman Draft David Price—$15.00


  • Price’s 11-0 start makes a strong case for a 2007 cameo for a Tampa Bay team that has shown no signs of faltering this season.  Price’s hype is growing, but so is the legend of the Rays.  Every card of Price’s will soar in popularity if and when he debuts.  I like the lower end stuff of his most.

(10) 2005 Bowman Chrome Draft Nolan Reimold—$10.00

  • Reimold is at AA and may not make the jump to Baltimore this season.  I like what he’s done at AA and AAA Rochester doesn’t have any exciting OF’s.  Don’t be surprised if Reimold skips AAA and gets a chance to launch balls out of Camden Yard.

(2) 2005 Bowman Heritage Andrew McCutchen Auto—$35.00

  • McCutchen has plateaued at AAA which means he bored and due for a promotion. McCutchen has extraordinary confidence and poise and he has excelled out of the gate after every promotion.  I expect the same in Pittsburgh, but with the acquisition of Brandon Moss and promotion of Stephen Pearce, he may have to wait until Sept. for a look.


(10) 2003 Bowman Chrome Draft Sean Rodriguez—$12.50

  • Ok, his first audition didn’t go so well, but Sean-Rod has torn it up at Salt Lake City since his demotion and Angels officials love Rodriguez’s potential.  With the Angels in a pennant race, Rodriguez likely will not get regular playing time, but he may make some key contributions during the pennant stretch.  Same goes for Brandon Wood.


(1) 2006 Bowman Sterling Refractor Dexter Fowler (#’ed/199)—$10.00


  • Fowler is in China right now with Team USA, but when he returns he could find himself wearing purple and patrolling CF for the Rockies.  With Matt Holliday’s possible departure, the Rockies should give Fowler a look as to better assess their offseason strategy with Holliday.  Fowler’s ceiling is off the charts, and he may not need much more seasoning at the minor league level.  Though his first year autos are in the 2004 Donruss Elite Extra set, his ’06 offerings should be quite popular.


(3) 2005 Bowman Sterling John Mayberry Jr. Auto—$17.50

  • David Murphy’s knee injury and Nelson Cruz’s strained quad may give Mayberry a little window of opportunity to vault into the Rangers’ OF mix.  Cruz’s injury is not thought to be too serioius, but quad injuries can become nagging and resurface at any time.  The Rangers are a vastly improved team, and should use this off season to acquire some pitching of some sort if they ever want to knock the L.A. Angels off of their AL West perch.  Mayberry, and Cruz for that matter, could be nice trade commodities that will be showcased in Sept once the Rangers fall out of the Wild Card race for good.

That does it for Post #100!  Bring on your skepticism or praise :).  Regardless, thank you to all of you who have checked out my stuff on a regular basis and offered your input.  Feel free to send me an email shout at to introduce yourself as I am always interested in who you invisible readers are!

 I look forward to continuing to provide up to date baseball prospect news, notes, and opinions.  May the next 100 posts to be even better than the first!



  1. I don’t know what to expect out of McCutchen. I think the Pirates are kind of cautious as well. The fact that he was immediately called up when Bay and Nady where traded surprised me, in fact I thought it was very strange. He should be better than Moss, Michaels, and Pearce, so why is he sitting at AAA while those guys are splitting time in the OF. I like the Price, Fowler, Rodriguez cards. Not sure what to think of Mayberry Jr. He’s been rotting in the minors for a few years now, not really making as much headway as I would have thought. I like this segment of yours, I enjoy revisiting your posts.

  2. Agreed Mike, I thought McCutchen was a lock to get some AB’s immediately after the trade. Undoubtedly he will when the rosters are expanded Sept. 1. One aside, with the acquisition of Andy LaRoche, Neil Walker’s status as a Bucs prospect becomes even more tenuous. Seems that Pittsburgh is more than a little concerned about his viability as a 3B.

    Thanks for the kind words and I also enjoy reading your posts. Keep up the good work!

  3. […] previous predictions about John Mayberry Jr. have blown up in my face as of late.  All season long, I have talked about […]

  4. […] wrote about Reimold almost a month ago in my second $100 Well Spent post, profiling him as a future power-hitting RF for the vastly improved Baltimore Orioles.  At […]

  5. looking abck at this one, I still am concerned about McCuthen, but I like the Reimold, Price and Fowler cards a lot more. I think you did well with this $100.

  6. I am very surprised, and a bit disturbed, that the Buccos didn’t promote the top player in their minor league system, nor are they going to send him to Arizona this fall.

    I still like his talent, There is a bit of rawness, particularly on the basepaths, but remember he is just 21 years old. Perhaps there is an underlying rift between him and the front office, but there has been no word of that. I do know he is an outspoken player, some would say cocky.

    I compared him to an outfield version of Jimmy Rollins in another post, a confident and outspoken player who will take a little time to measure up to the early hype. I am hoping that he is closer to that than to a Lastings Milledge.

    Let’s see what happens this spring.

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