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8/9 AAA Minor League Report

Light list today, but it is full of top prospects who have been promoted from AA recently.  Which ones will make their MLB debuts this season?  Only time will tell…


Travis Snider

  • 2-4 2 RBI—4 RBI in 3 games since promotion to Syracuse (Toronto will be his 4th level this year)


Jason Pridie

  • 2-4 3B 2 RBI BB SB(23)—.450 18H 9R last 10 games


Anthony Swarzak

  • 7 IP 6H 2ER 3BB 3K—Pitching well in 3 AAA starts (2-0 2.37 10K/19IP)


Wade Davis

  • 7 IP 7H 2ER 2BB 4K—3-0 2.32 ERA 27K/31IP at Durham (5 games)


Kila Kaa’ihue

  • 1-3 HR(32) 2 RBI—.378 6 HR 10 RBI 12 R 8 BB @ Omaha


Jon Niese

  • 6 IP 5H 2ER BB 5K (W)—3-0 2.37 ERA 14K/19IP at New Orleans (3 games)


Jon Jay

  • 2-4 2B RBI—.326 HR 8 RBI 6R @ Memphis (11 games)


Micah Hoffpauir

  • 4-5 4 HR(19) 4 RBI—.374 19 HR 78 RBI 48 R 29 2B (57 games)


Felix Pie

  • 4-6 HR(9) 2 RBI 2R—.299 9 HR 46 RBI 45 R (Remember, he’s still just 23)


Travis Ishikawa

  • 5-6 2 HR(24) 5 RBI 2 2B 3R—.305 24 HR 94 RBI 35 2B .972 OPS


Kendry Morales

  • 2-4 HR(14) RBI—.332 13 HR 54 RBI @ Salt Lake City


BUY/SELL Analysis

4 levels in '08? We can only hope!

4 levels in '08? We can only hope!

Travis Snider may have as much power potential as any player in the minor leagues.  Built like a beer barrell at 5-11 245, Snider has athleticism that belies his stocky frame.  With a strong arm, and average speed, Snider can play both corner OF positions.  The major tick against Snider is his high strikeout totals.  Last season at Low A Lansing, Snider punched out 129 times in 118 games.  This season, over 3 levels, Snider has increased that total to 143 times in 118 games.  The high K totals have not deterred the Toronto Blue Jays from being aggressive with promoting Snider as he has made the jump from High A to AAA this season, and will likely get a few AB’s with Toronto in September.  Snider is just 20 years old and has ample time to address his issues at the plate.  Snider has first year cards exclusively in the 2006 Bowman Draft and Chrome set that sell for $3.50-5.00 each with his base cards available at 75 cents to $1.00 each. 

Market Advice: I believe that Snider will get the call to Toronto this season and will struggle.  He hasn’t adaquately dealt with his issues at the plate at AA and I think that the Jays are being a tad too aggressive with promoting him.  That said, his cards will get a boost once he gets to Toronto and, if he hits a couple of HR’s, they’ll increase more.  Snider is a strong BUY AND HOLD candidate, unless he gets uber-hot in Toronto and goes on a HR spree to start his career a la Jay Bruce or Ryan Braun. 

Aside: Jay Bruce’s cards might make good acquisitions right now.  His Bowman Chrome Drafts are available at $7.50-9.00 each, his base cards are even better values at $1.50-2.00 each.  I have a funny feeling that he is going to get hot again in September, giving people hope for a breakout in ’09.



  1. Do you really consider Jason Pridie and Kenry Morales as Prospects? Pridie has really done nothing to this point and Morales has never been able to consistently hit Major League pitching. I look forward to your response my friend…

  2. Hi John,

    Well, I wouldn’t say that they are “great” prospects. They would never find their way on my BUY/SELL Analysis features—unless, of course, they made their way into a MLB lineup and produced. Then, I may do a feature to tell people to SELL, SELL, SELL!

    Realistically, Pridie and Morales have not real high MLB upsides other than platoon players, but they are not incredibly old (Pridie 24, Morales 25).

    Pridie has never gotten a shot to show what he could do at the major league level and Morales has accrued a .256 BA in just over 350 MLB AB’s. They are both playing well at AAA and may just get a look with their clubs.

    All in all, your hard earned prospecting dollars would be better spent chasing the David Prices and Matt Wieters of the world, but it is nice to take note of some of the scrubs from time to time.

    John, you may be shuless, but you are definitely not clueless 🙂

  3. 2008 Bowman Chrome is releasing this week – are you planning on doing anything with this product? Review? Rip some open?? Look for player lots? If so, who should we be looking for?

  4. I am glad you asked! I recently sent an article to Beckett previewing some of the prospects to watch from that set. It should be published soon on their site and blog.

    I would like to do a rip and review, and I do believe that I have a line of credit available in your fine venue. Stay tuned!

  5. […] with great joy as I get to say “I told you so” about a prediction that I made in an earlier post.  In the post, I predicted that the then struggling Jay Bruce would go on a tear in September […]

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