Posted by: portersprospectreport | August 13, 2008

Koshansky Re-Cycles

MLB regular or AAAA denizen?

MLB regular or AAAA denizen?


For the second time this season, Colorado Rockies 1B prospect Joe Koshansky has hit for the cycle for AAA Colorado Springs in last night’s 21-5 pasting of Tuscon.  Koshansky scored 5 times and drove in 3 runs, joining Cleveland Indians prospect Carlos Santana as the first players to surpass the 100 RBI this season. 

Koshansky struggled in his call up with the Rockies earlier this season going 4-22 with 2 HR and 10 K’s in 8 games.  Koshansky, though, has proven to be a prolific power hitter at each minor league stop over the last 4 seasons tallying over 100 RBI’s at each stop.  Koshansky has been bit by the strikeout bug each season though, which hampers him from being a top-flight prospect. 

With Todd Helton, fat contract and all, firmly entrenched at 1B for the Rockies for the next couple of seasons, Koshansky is a man desperate for a change in scenery.  The Rockies should promote him, especially with Helton sidelined until at least September and Jeff Baker struggling in August, to showcase his powerful bat.

Market Advice: Koshansky’s had a couple of swings at major league pitching already and has missed badly.  If you have his stuff, as I do, HOLD it and see if the third time is the charm for him.  I have a hunch that he will wear a different uniform come April ’09.



  1. With all the players the Rockies can put at 1st look for him to leave via the Rule 5 draft or be traded this off season.

  2. That would be best for Koshasnky. Cleveland or Seattle may need a platoon situation at 1B/DH next season. Hmmm….

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