Posted by: portersprospectreport | August 20, 2008

8/19 High A Minor League Report

Last night was a low night for prospect performances mainly because the Florida State League is cancelling its games while Tropical Storm Faye is passing through.  Let’s hope all is well with everyone down there…

Ryan Kalish

  • 2-5 2B 3 RBI—Average rises to .269 at Lancaster…3 HR this season a little low


Ryan Mount

  • 2-5 HR(14) RBI—.370 5 HR 10 RBI 13 R 3 SB last 10 games (underrated)


Cedric Hunter

  • 4-5 HR(9) 2 RBI 2R SB(12)—.375 3 HR 11 RBI 10 R 18 H last 10 games (only 20)


Brian Joynt

  • 1-3 2R RBI 2BB 2 SB(4)—.296 9 HR 52 RBI in 51 R in 52 games (I like this kid)


Matt Downs

  • 3-5 2 2B—.302 19 HR 77 RbI 22 SB at 2 levels


Scott Vanslyke

  • 4-4 2 HR(5) 4 RBI 4R SB(4)—Rough season but big body (6-5 195lb. and good bloodlines)


Michael Burgess

  • 3-4 2 HR(23) 6 RBI 2R BB—.286 5 HR 13 RBI 9 R in 9 games at Potomac (real power!)


Beau Mills

  • 2-5 HR(21) 4 RBI—.350 3 HR 11 RBI last 10 games (super 1st full season)


John Shelby Jr.

  • 2-5 HR(15) RBI 2B 2R—.364 3 HR 9 RBI 4 SB 9 R last 10 games (I like him too)


BUY/SELL Analysis

T-Bone Jr.

T-Bone Jr.


John Shelby Jr. is winner of the coin flip contest over Ryan Kalish as our daily profile (sorry Ryan, your time will come soon).  Shelby is, of course, son of forme Baltimore Oriole and L.A. Dodger outfielder John “T-Bone” Shelby.  Junior was selected in the 5th round of the 2006 MLB draft as a 2nd baseman before making the transition to CF.  While his transition was a bit bumpy, his athleticism has won out and today, he seems to have the makings of an above average CF.  Shelby can hit, batting .301 last season at Low-A Kannapolis and .292 this season at Winston-Salem.  He is a powerfully built 5-10 190 lb. bundle of energy who has hit 15 HR this season while stealing 31 bases in 36 attempts.  The bugaboos in Shelby’s game comes down to the ability to draw walks and make contact on a consistent basis.  This season, he has walked only 21 times (.329 OBP) while punching out 91 times in 104 games.  Shelby needs to hone his plate discipline in order to remain as a top of the order candidate at the MLB level.  Shelby is also 23 years old which is not ancient, but not young for High-A ball.  Shelby’s 1st year cards are found in the 2006 Bowman Draft and Chrome set.  Still under the radar, his chromes can easily be had for 40-75 cents each and refractors go for $3-4. 

Market Analysis: Shelby is not an elite prospect, but he is an undervalued one.  He also does not have many 1st year products out, so the market for his stuff as he continues to advanced will not be diluted.  I would BUY the chromes en masse and if you can get your hands on refractors at the above mentioned prices, I would BUY those as well!


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