Posted by: portersprospectreport | August 22, 2008

2008 Bowman Chrome Case Break

Ain't no Cracker Jacks prizes inside!

I'll take the prize inside this box anyday!


Today I had the privilege of busting a case of the newly released Bowman Chrome set with the owner of Rainout Sportscards, John Sandstrom.  As my eyes spilled over the twelve boxes of factory sealed goodness, I couldn’t help but fantasize about pulling a pretty colored refractor auto of Lars Anderson or Angel Villalona. 


Nearly an hour later, this assortment of pulls stared back at us.


Best Pull of the Box:

  • Head of the Class Dual Auto Joba Chamberlain and Phil Hughes # 302/350


12 Autographs—(9 Pitchers 3 Position Players)

  • Daniel Bard Orange Refractor #11/25
  • Danny Rams X-Fractor #160/250
  • Mitch Boggs Refractor #181/500
  • Jake McGee Refractor REDEMPTION
  • Angel Villalona REDEMPTION
  • Matt Harrison
  • Fautino De Los Santos
  • Danny Lehman
  • Ludvicious Van Mil
  • Tim Bacsom
  • Bud Norris
  • Chaz Roe


Gold Refractors—(1 Prospect)

  • Christian Lopez #50/50


Blue Refractors—4 (2 Veterans 2 Prospects)

  • Heath Rollins #116/150
  • R.J. Seidel #131/150


X-Fractors—7 (4 Veterans, 1 Rookie, 2 Prospects)

  • Yamaico Navarro #18/250
  • Graham Godfrey #212/250


Refractors—77 (59 Veterans, 13 Rookies, 5 Prospects)

  • Augustin Murillo #24/500
  • Nevin Ashley #242/500
  • Brandon Laird #201/500
  • Glenn Gibson #232/500
  • Christian Lopez #170/500


Overall, the case delivered on par with Bowman’s estimated per box estimates, and the Head of the Class autos of pinstriped hospital ward roomies Chamberlain and Hughes was a pleasant surprise.  However, the assortment of autographs were disappointing as all but De Los Santos, Van Mil, Bacsom, Norris, and Villalona have had cards in previous products and ratio of the various veteran and RC refractors (79) to the variety of prospect refractors (10) was a little overwhelming.


Based on my biased one case assessment, I give the 2008 Bowman Chrome product a C+, However, in my quest for complete objectivity, I may need to open another one to confirm my results!


These cards and much more are available for sale at Rainout Sportscards, an Ebay Power Seller and Beckett Marketplace Power Dealer.


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