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8/22 AA Minor League Report

Here’s the AA rundown….I am going to a street fair with the family and will have to get to the High and Low A reports this evening.  Enjoy!

J.P Arencibia

  • 1-4 HR(27) RBI 2R BB—.303 27 HR 101 RBI (17BB/94K a little concerning)


Jose Tabata

  • 3-5 RBI 2B R SB(15)—.415 HR 6 RBI 5 SB 12 R since trade to Pirates


Jason Berken

  • 7 IP 3H 8K (W)—7-0 2.19 ERA 54K/64IP last 10 games


Drew Carpenter

  • 7 IP 2H 2BB 8K (W)—Great in 4 of his last 5 starts


Jordan Schafer

  • 2-4 HR(10) 3B 3 RBI 2R BB—.410 5 HR 13 RBI 10R last 10 games


Kris Medlen

  • 6 IP 3H BB 10K (W)—6-8 3.62 ERA 112K/114IP (pitching well as a starter)


Brandon Allen

  • 2-3 HR(25) RBI BB—HR’s in 3 straight games (.375 Avg last 10 games)


Alcides Escobar

  • 2-4 3B RBI R—.335 91 R 174 H 8 HR 74 RbI 32 SB


Adam Moore

  • 1-2 HR(13) 2 RBI BB—.355 2 HR 8 RBI 6BB last 10 games


Greg Halman

  • 1-4 HR( 28 ) RBI—.274 28 HR 80 RBI 90 R 31 SB


Gerardo Parra

  • 2-4 2 2B 2RBI 2R BB—.333 HR 10 RBI 8R last 10 games


Eric Young Jr.

  • 2-5 2R BB 2 SB(45)—.326 12 R 7 SB last 10 games


Johnny Whittleman

  • 2-3 HR( 8 ) RBI 2BB—Sterling AA debut with Frisco


Jose Vallejo

  • 3-5 2B R 2 SB( 38 )—.436 17 H 9 R 4 SB last 10 games


Javier Herrera

  • 3-5 2R SB(7)—10-20 3 HR 9 RBI 6R last 4 games


BUY/SELL Analysis

Saying NO to drugs

Saying NO to drugs

Jordan Schafer’s tumultuous 2008 finally seems to be taking a turn for the better.  After being suspended in mid-April for 50 games for using PED’s, Schafer returned to AA and struggled, hitting just .228 in the month of July.  August has been a different story for Jordan as he is batting .346 with 6 HR 19 RBI in 20 games.  Schafer was honored as the top prospect in the Braves farm system prior to the season and many thought that he was going to be the everyday CF for Atlanta for the bulk of this season.  His suspension coupled with his slow start has left many prospectors wondering–Who is the real Jordan Schafer?

Aside: My personal opinion on PED’s is that, while they certainly enhance physical performance, the greater benefits are found in the psychological edge that they create.  Confidence and mental toughness are key components to success in baseball.  Streaks and slumps often occur due to changes between the ears of these athletes.  If they think that something is working, it is, and if they think something is inhibiting them, they are also correct.  My feeling on Schafer is that there was an initial crisis of confidence once he returned, which detracted from his performance.  Now he apprears more confident, aggressive and disciplined.

Schafer’s sole first year cards are found in the 2005 Bowman Draft and Chrome set with chromes selling for $1.50-2.50 and refractors selling for $7-8 each.  His non-chrome cards are solid buys at 50-75 cents each.  Additionally, Schafer is one of the featured autos in the newly released 2008 Bowman Chrome set.  These have been in solid demand from collectors garnering prices between $17-20 each.

Market Advice: His cards have plummeted since last season which bodes well for prospectors who believe that Schafer’s true talents were not the product of HGH.  I am one who is in that contingent and I think that his limited supply of cards are well worth the risk.  The ’08 Autos are priced about right as this is his first certified autographed card.  The Braves would be best served to not push Schafer this year, letting him build on his current run of success.  Another trip to the Arizona Fall League to replicate his “tainted” numbers from last year could expediate his promotion to the center of Turner Field’s outfield in 2009. I find the best value to be in his lower priced stuff, BUY a batch of his ’05 chrome or base cards and wait for Spring Training.


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