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8/31 AAA Minor League Report

Well gang, tonight’s games may be the last ones of the season for many AAA and AA players.  Here’s a look at what happened in tonight’s AAA action.

Kila Ka’aihue

  • 2-5 HR(37) RBI—.312 37 HR 99 RBI 102 BB (will fit nicely in K.C.’s lineup)


Joe Koshansky

  • 3-5 HR(31) 2 RBI 3 R—MILB RBI leader (121); Plate discipline has been a disappointment


Terry Tiffee

  • 3-5 HR(9) 3 RBI 2B 2R—10-25 HR 7 RBI since return from Beijing


Brandon Morrow

  • 6 IP H 3 BB 5K (W)—Makes starting debut this week against Yankees (will my prophecy come true?)


David Freese

  • 1-4 HR(26) 3 RBI—.308 26 HR 91 RBI .915 OPS


Vince Mazzaro

  • 6 IP 7 H 2 ER 2BB 5K (W)—Struggled at AAA 3-3 6.15 ERA 27K/34IP (just 22 yrs old)


Ricky Romero

  • 7 IP 8H 2 ER 2BB 5K (w)—3-3 3.38 ERA 38K/43IP  in 7 starts with Syracuse


Wade Davis

  • 6 IP 2H 2 ER 3BB 7K (W)—Don’t be surprised if he outpitches David Price after call-up


Drew Carpenter

  • 7 IP 6H 2 ER 3BB 5K (L)—Nice debut in AAA after 1 inning cup o’ Philly java


Andrew McCutchen

  • 2-3 RBI SB(34)—Farewell Indy…Hello Pittsburgh!


Anthony Swarzak

  • 7 IP 7H ER 2K—5-0 1.80 ERA 26K/45IP in 7 games @ Rochester


BUY/SELL Analysis

The future is NOW

The future is NOW

It seems that Andrew McCutchen has been a top prospect for the past decade (actually it’s about three seasons).  Now with September ringing in the dawn of a new wave of prospects earning their first three digit per diems, we now get to see what McCutchen can do in a Pittsburgh Pirates uniform.  I think there are still a few too many kinks in his game to call him a bonafide superstar.  His 34 SB this season are solid, but he has been caught 19 times.  His power has not developed as initially projected when he hit over .700 with 15 HR as a high school senior.  All kinks aside, McCutchen has great plate discipline, game changing speed, a lightning quick bat, and supreme confidence and make up.  Those factors will make him a centerpiece on a young Pirates squad that is seeking to reshape its organization.  McCutchen has a bunch of cards in the 2005 sets including autos in the Bowman Sterling, Bowman Heritage, and Topps Chrome Update.  Autos sell for as low as $12 (Bowman Heritage) to as high as $35 (Topps Chrome Update).  His non-autographed cards can be found in Bowman Draft and Chrome, Bowman Heritage and Topps Update.  His chromes have been selling for $2.50-4.00 right now which seems like a steal!  His non-chrome cards sell for 50 cents to $1.00 each.

Market Advice:

Although he plays an entirely different position, McCutchen reminds me quite a bit of a young Jimmy Rollins; a supreme load of talent and athleticism in a compact, tightly wound package that is confident to the point of cockiness.  McCutchen may struggle, like Rollins, to find his stride in his first couple of years, but stay with him.  His ceiling is stratospheric!  Best BUYS for him are his 2005 Bowman Chrome cards and his non-chrome cards.  If you can snag autos for under $20, get a couple as well.


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