Posted by: portersprospectreport | September 3, 2008

9/1 AA Minor League Report

Jeremy Slayden

  • 2-4 2 2B R—.298 17 HR 81 RBI 33 2B


Shelby Ford

  • 3-4 2B 2 RBI Sb(19)—.285 4 HR 32 RBI 19 SB


J.P. Arencibia

  • 2-4 2B 2 RBI—.298 27 HR 105 RBI 36 2B


Nolan Reimold

  • 1-3 HR(25) 2 RBI 2 BB—.284 25 HR 84 RBI 87 R 63 BB


Matt Wieters

  • 2-5 2B RBI—.355 27 HR 91 RBI 82 BB 1.035 OPS


Marvin Lowrance

  • 1-4 HR(20) 3 RBI BB—.275 20 HR 63 RBI 30 2B


Andrew Lambo

  • 2-5—.295 18 HR 91 RBI 35 2B


Chris Coghlan

  • 2-4 2B 2 RBI BB—.298 7 HR 74 RBI 67 BB 34 SB


Cole Gillespie

  • 2-4 2B RBI—.281 14 HR 79 RBI 75 BB 17 SB 38 2B


Chris Nelson

  • 3-5 R 2 RBI—.230 4 HR 47 RBI 6 SB (one of ’08’s biggest busts)


Dexter Fowler

  • 3-5 2 2B 3B 2R 2 RBI—.335 9 HR 64 RBI 20 SB 65 BB 92 R 31 2B


Mitch Einertson

  • 4-4 2B RBI R—.262 11 HR 62 RBI


BUY/SELL Analysis



Chris Coghlan is one of the only guys on this list that I haven’t written about in previous posts.  Coghlan is a former supplimental 1st round pick out of the University of Mississippi who plays the game with grit and passion.  Coghlan is not a power hitter, he often employs an inside-out swing, though he has the potential to drive balls well into the gaps for extra bases.  Coghlan is one of several Marlins prospects who runs the bases extremely well, stealing 34 bases in 44 tries.  He walks more than he strikes out (67BB/65K) and does all the little things to drive in runs and move runners.  He is still learning 2B after being converted from 3B last season, though his range, arm, and glove should allow him to stay there.  Coghlan has autographed 1st year cards in the 2007 Bowman Chrome Prospect and Bowman’s Best.  He also has cards available in the 2007 Bowman Heritage set.  The autographs vary in price from as low as $3-5 for his Bowman’s Best to $6-9 for his Bowman Chrome cards.

Market Advice: Coghlan reminds me of a poor man’s Dustin Pedroia.  He likes to get his uniform dirty, he makes good contact with the ball, runs well, works the count and can hit the occasional long ball.  The Marlins are by no means going to every supplant the Red Sox in popularity, but this is an organization that is thick with talent and is primed to be one of the top NL teams again within the next year or two.  Coghlan is not going to challenge Dan Uggla for his job anytime soon, but Uggla may find himself moving to 3B once Coghlan is ready (especially on the heels of this year All-Star game meltdown).  Expect Coghlan to challenge for a roster spot this next spring making him a strong BUY right now.


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