Posted by: portersprospectreport | September 5, 2008

Recent MLB Callup #9—Matt Antonelli

Not so great in 2008

Not so great in 2008


Matt Antonelli—San Diego Padres 2B

  • In an aggressive move, the fledgling Padres rescued their #2 rated prospect from an abysmal season at AAA Portland where he hit .215 with 7 HR 39 RBI and 62 runs scored in 128 games.  To his credit, Antonelli did heat up in the month of August hitting .290 with 4 of his HR.  Despite his season-long struggles, Antonelli showed good patience at the plate with a solid 76BB/86K ratio.  These numbers are indicative of Antonelli’s ability to work counts effectively, but the low average tells me that he may sometimes “overwork” counts hitting often with two strikes.  Perhaps an increase in agressiveness earlier in the count will boost his power numbers and average.  While some people view Antonelli as a future All-Star, I see a Marcus Giles or Mark Ellis-type player that will overachieve enough to reach a mid-level ceiling as a solid big league starter, but not much more.

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